Guyed Tower Analysis & Design

GUYMAST® - Analysis and Design of Guyed Towers

Although it may appear simple, the guyed tower maintains its position through a complex set of non-linear interactions between the guy system and the mast.
The considerable variability in appurtenances, both linear and discrete, makes the analysis and design of these structures even more complicated.

Fortunately, by using Guymast's advanced software for the analysis of guyed towers, the calculations can be performed quickly and reliably.

GUYMAST, the flagship product of Guymast Inc., is a powerful FEM software tool used by hundreds of engineers in North America and around the world for their analysis and design of guyed towers.
Due to the specialized model used by GUYMAST®, the amount of user input needed to generate the model and perform the analysis, and the amount and complexity of output are limited to the minimum needed to convey the important results.
All nomenclature is in terms used daily by tower engineers.

In addition to GUYMAST, Guymast Inc. provides the OUTRIGTM program to do detailed analysis of torsion resistors when they are used on guyed towers.

The features of GUYMAST and OUTRIGTM allow for the quick and accurate engineering analysis of guyed towers.

View from the anchor of a guyed tower.

Guymast Inc. provides additional software to further simplify the design and analysis of guyed towers with programs to: