Calculating the Effects of Loadings on Antennas

In addition to its other features, Guymast Inc.'s MASTLODTM program calculates wind and ice loads on individual parabolic antennas.
The cumulative effect of these antennas on the tower is known from the results of the analysis.
For most applications, results from MASTLODTM are sufficient.

For those times when more detail is needed, Guymast provides DISHFORCETM.

DISHFORCETM summarizes the loads applied to the tower at each elevation, even for clusters of parabolic antennas, reports the maximum of each type of load at each antenna elevation, and the wind direction that generates that load.
These details may be interesting for engineers looking to minimize the impact of a cluster of parabolic antennas, or at least to understand what is happening at these elevations.

Cluster of microwave dishes on a guyed tower.