Design & Analysis of Monopoles

Guymast Inc. does not yet have a stand-alone program for monopole design and analysis, but GUYMAST® can be used for this purpose.

Here are some tips for using GUYMAST® in the design and analysis of monopoles:

    • In the MAST DATA table enter the following special data:
      • 1 for NO OF LEGS
      • zero (0) for AREA OF ONE LEG
      • outside pole diameter for FACE WIDTH
      • pole thickness for PANEL HEIGHT
      • Poisson's Ratio for AREA OF ONE DIAG
    • Provide one guy for each change in section
      Note: Choose the smallest guy cable available, use a low value of tension, and disregard the guy results from the analysis.
    • Add a point load of zero at any additional elevation where you require results
    • Add a MAST RESTRAINTS AT SUPPORT table in each loading condition with one line of data:
      0, 6*1

Training is also available for users who want more details on how to use GUYMAST®.

A well-used monopole.