Organization, Calculations, and Reporting for Tower Inspectors

Staying organized when working on a series of inspections is important, but not always easy, and tower inspectors often have to complete their inspection reports using incomplete, or imperfect information.
Additionally, clients expect a consistent and straight-forward report for each tower inspected.

Guymast Inc., through its INSPECTOWER™ package, has been providing calculation routines for tower inspections for the past 20 years.
These help inspectors to do quick calculations for alignment, guy tensions, surveying, and adjustment of guy length.

A new version of INSPECTOWER™ is currently under development.
It will include a database to help keep track of inspections and inspection data, as well as output reports in less time and without the need to re-enter data.

Check back over the coming months for more information concerning the upcoming INSPECTOWER™ 3.

Traditional four-legged self-supporting tower. Guyed tower viewed from an anchor.