Guymast Inc. is please to announce the general availability of its new software, GUYMAST-G, for the analysis of towers using the TIA/EIA-222-G standard.

GUYMAST-G represents a major effort on the part of Guymast Inc. to improve every aspect of its software.
The new screen-input module is the most visible update, but behind the scenes Guymast has begun the introduction of a common spatial frame analysis engine capable of analyzing latticed and tubular self-supporting and guyed towers.
Check out the Features and Coming Attractions sections below for more on what is included in the current release of GUYMAST-G and what features are planned.

GUYMAST-G has "Gone Gold" which means it is production-ready, and can be trusted to exhibit the same quality you have come to expect from Guymast software over the years.
With GUYMAST-G, Guymast Inc. has introduced a new licensing model that makes GUYMAST-G a natural fit for every organization:

    • lower initial investment (a GUYMAST-G license costs less than half the license fee for Tower)
    • dedicated Support, and regular Updates and Maintenance are included for one year from the purchase date (one year SUM plan included)
    • continuation of the SUM plan beyond the first year may be purchased on a yearly basis for 15% of the then-current purchase price of GUYMAST-G
    • if you choose not to continue the SUM plan you can keep using the version of GUYMAST-G you have licensed
    • if you want to rejoin the SUM plan you can

Catch-up fees may apply.

To purchase, or inquire about purchasing, a license for GUYMAST-G email or phone 416-736-7453.

GUYMAST-G Features

  • import models from previous Guymast software
    • when creating a new project you can base it on a tower that was previously modelled in MASTLOD™ using the "Load From .DAT File" option
  • screen input module
    • on-screen table layout eliminates the need for secondary reference material (e.g. table formats and layout) and memorization
    • range checking for each piece of data, as it is entered, helps catch obvious input errors as they occur, improving efficiency
    • consistency checking before analysis begins, diagnoses modelling errors directly, also improving efficiency
    • built-in file management removes the need for handling all the different types of files, click a button to run the analysis, and then another to view reports in text and graphical formats
  • improved modelling options
    • group Discrete Appurtenances (formerly Other Mountings) so that the loads from your antenna mount, ice guard, etc. is reported as a single unit
    • freedom in positioning your Linear Appurtenances (Transmission Lines and Ladders) any way you like by specifying a distance and azimuth at the top of the appurtenance as well as at the bottom
    • take advantage of Revision G's Transmission Line Clusters to reduce the loads applied to the tower due to such configurations
    • specify complete Material Properties including Elastic Modulus, Strength (Fu, Fy), and a Temperature Coefficient to facilitate strength calculations
  • advanced graphical reporting
    • export to AutoCAD*: tower profile and plan view drawings
    • view graphical representations of forces in guyed towers, in formats previously reserved for self-supporting towers, and vice versa
    • for towers that require the consideration of pattern loading under TIA-222-G, view the load patterns applied
  • based on the original Guymast software
    (existing features are still available)
    • layered approach to toward modelling: provide properties by elevation for geometry, materials uses, material resistances, and exposure factors
    • specific modelling of ladders, transmission lines, microwave antennas, and passive reflectors
    • complete freedom in modelling generic discrete appurtenances and providing pre-calculated loads for everything else
  • and many more ...

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Coming Attractions

  • analysis of tubular structures
    • for self-supporting and guyed monopoles
    • special handling of flanges and access holes
    • full integration with GUYMAST-G
    • automatic generation of plan and profile views with the export to AutoCAD* feature available
  • modelling of special appurtenances from Revision G
    • plane frame and truss type mounting frames
    • symmetrical latticed platforms
    • low profile platforms
    • circular ring platforms
  • support for latticed leg structures
  • enhanced tabular output and improved control of tabular output
  • calculation of component strengths
  • seismic consideration
  • seismic analysis
  • project browser to view relevant information from across multiple projects

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* AutoCAD is a registered trademark of Autodesk.