MASTPLOTTM Program Features

MASTPLOTTM plots mast element forces, tower deformations, loads onto foundations, and calculated antenna rotations using MASTTM data.
The following is displayed in an easily read two-dimensional format:

    • Calculated compression and tension forces in legs, diagonals, horizontals and internal bracing for each panel
    • The net deflections, tilt and twist of the tower as a whole at each panel point as opposed to node displacement and rotations
    • Member capacities can be shown on the same plot as the member forces, allowing easy identification of over-stressed areas or reserve capacity
      This saves the user time because he need not integrate all the deflection data at one level to see the deformations
Large self-supporting communications tower

Sample output for MASTPLOTTM is available in PDF format.
Please note that a new window will be opened when a link below is selected, and a PDF viewer such as Adobe® Reader® is required to view the PDF format.