GUYPLOTTM Program Features

GUYPLOTTM plots mast element forces, guy forces, tower deformations and foundation loads, using GUYMAST® data.
The following information, taken from the analysis, is displayed in an easily read, two-dimensional format for all loading conditions and the maximum values:

    • Leg compression forces
    • Face shear forces
    • Axial Force and torsional moment on the tower mast
    • Mast moments and shears
    • Tower centreline deflections, tilt and twist
    • Guy tensions, safety factors, and loads onto anchors
    • Tower base loads
    • Leg compression and face shear capacities can be displayed, allowing easy identification of over-stressed components

GUYPLOT(TM) - Graphing the results of guyed tower analysis

Sample output for GUYPLOTTM is available in PDF format.
Please note that a new window will be opened when a link below is selected, and a PDF viewer such as Adobe® Reader® is required to view the PDF format.