Benefits to the Engineer

Due to the close relationship between Guymast Inc. and Weisman Consultants Inc., we have the advantage of, and our clients get the advantage from, instant engineering feedback.
The inclusion of engineers from Weisman Consultants at the beginning, and throughout the product life-cycle, means that Guymast products are engineer-friendly.

Take a look at the advantages of using Guymast products:

  • easy to use - simple interface, common engineering terminology, straight forward data and graphics
  • power to do work - incorporates powerful options to control modeling
  • saves time - specialized for the tower industry; requires less time for input from the user, and returns directly usable results
  • reduces mistakes - automates the routine parts of analysis to allow you to focus on the critical evaluation of results
  • you can be creative - try a different: guy, antenna, elevation, orientation, mount - how do they influence the results?
  • excellent, readily available support - our user manuals provide everything you need to know to use our products, but should you need help, it is readily available
    Nowhere will you get better support.

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