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Trade Associations

AISC American Institute of Steel Construction Inc.
AWS American Welding Society
CISC-ICCA Canadian Institute of Steel Construction -
Institut canadien de la construction en acier
CWB Canadian Welding Bureau
CWTA-ACTS Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association -
Association canadienne des tÚlÚcommunication sans fil
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance
PCIA Personal Communication Industry Association
NAB The National Association of Broadcasters
NATE The National Association of Tower Erectors
TIA Telecommunications Industry Association

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Professional Associations

ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers
CSCE Canadian Society for Civil Engineers

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Standards Associations

ANSI American National Standards Institute
CSA Canadian Standards Association

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Regulatory Agencies

CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
Transport Canada Canadian government department

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Other Links of Interest

BLWTL The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory
IHS Global Global Engineering Documents
IASS International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures
NRC-CNRC National Research Council Canada -
Conseil national des recherches Canada

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