Guymast Community Discussion Groups

The discussion group will be an open forum for Guymast users to have their say.
Initially there will be only a single, general discussion group, but, as interest grows, other discussion groups may be added for users looking to address more specific topics.
Our hope is that the discussion groups will be a place for Guymast users to share their knowledge of the art of modeling towers, get help from other users when they encounter a problem, and share opinions.

looking up a guyed tower

How is this discussion group going to function?
We plan to make it an email list-serve, which means that each member of the group will be able to send an email to a special address that will copy the message to all members of the group.
Those members who would like fewer emails will have the option of receiving a daily digest containing all the messages of the previous day instead of individual emails, and even turning it off completely.
Even with delivery turned off, list members will still be able to stay up-to-date by visiting the online message archive, which will contain a searchable library of all messages to the list-serve.

Please address all comments to